HOOPS Visualize 3DF 26.20 Downloads


Note: A License Key is required to use the API. If you are using an older version of HOOPS Visualize 3DF, please access the 'Older Versions' tab on the License Generator page.

File Name: hoops_3df2620_nt_i386_v140.zip
MD5 Sum: 682c9dda7f8e893886e6093bcf36a2e6

File Name: hoops_3df2620_nt_i386_v141.zip
MD5 Sum: 39b297926ccefe7daa8ff492b91fa8df

File Name: hoops_3df2620_nt_x64_v140.zip
MD5 Sum: b372e2df671a6dce1ee74b2ce2c5d1c9

File Name: hoops_3df2620_nt_x64_v141.zip
MD5 Sum: a12687591f5fb82255fdb9431a0eb223
File Name: hoops_3df2620_linux64.tar.gz
MD5 Sum: 683e54d3eb00a37e44f04a3a3dbd570a
File Name: hoops_3df2620_macos.tar.gz
MD5 Sum: 472b61ba3fe0af7a461b2ba134eaba2c
File Name: hoops_3df2620_android.tar.gz
Operating System: Android
MD5 Sum: 00e658b121159ccc511063d09b95c0b7

File Name: hoops_3df2620_ios.tar.gz
Operating System: iOS
MD5 Sum: dd1f3b61ef674fa725b25c804b196e59

This package is required by the Linux and macOS 3df packages.

File Name: hoops_3df2620_common.tar.gz
MD5 Sum: d8465cd6c6199e219e5226bac0af4dca

HOOPS Demo Viewer

The HOOPS Demonstration Viewer (HDV) is a sample application which demonstrates HOOPS Exchange, HOOPS Visualize. and HOOPS Publish working together in the same application.

Through an intuitive and professional interface, HDV allows you to load and deeply interrogate CAD models, then optionally export them to a variety of file formats, including 3D PDF. The HDV is also useful for customers to debug problems outside of their own application.

Please contact Tech Soft 3D support to obtain a license key for HOOPS Demonstration Viewer.
HOOPS Demonstration Viewer