HOOPS Demonstration viewers

Tech Soft 3D built the two sample viewers below to enable developers to easily evaluate our technologies. Both viewers allow you to load your own data and evaluate the quality and performance of our CAD readers as well as the performance of our graphics engine on your own hardware.

HOOPS Demonstration Viewer

The HOOPS Demonstration Viewer (HDV) is a lightweight CAD viewer that demonstrates HOOPS Exchange, HOOPS Visualize, and HOOPS Publish working together.

Windows (x64)

HOOPS Parasolid Demonstration Viewer

The HOOPS Parasolid Demonstration Viewer (HPDV) is a sample application that highlights the integration of Parasolid with HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Visualize.

Windows (x64)

Important note: If you have older versions of the HOOPS Demo Viewers and Tetra products currently installed on your machine, these demo viewers may uninstall the Tetra license manager from your machine. You’ll have to reinstall the Tetra license manager to fix this.

HDV and HPDV include a 30-day license. If you are a licensed HOOPS SDK developer, please contact Tech Soft 3D Support for a perpetual license. If you are evaluating the HOOPS technologies and would like to extend the license period, please contact Tech Soft 3D partner development.