HOOPS Exchange - 2018 SP1 2018-03-21
License Key
NOTE: HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish are packaged together. If you license both products, you may download either package – there is no need to download both.
Our libraries require a license key to work.
Generate your license key using your registered email address: Please download the generated file and place it in the HOOPS Exchange 'include' directory.

File name: HOOPS_Exchange_Publish_2018_SP1_Win_VS2015.zip
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 32-bit & 64-bit
Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015
MD5 Sum: 6369e5785117dbd6e9afd85d8025b508
System Requirements:

File name: HOOPS_Exchange_Publish_2018_SP1_Lin.tar.gz
Operating system: Linux 32-bit & 64-bit
Compiler: gcc/g++ 4.8.2
MD5 Sum: 36d246c0316f4b1a632b7ae7eb9880f1

File name: HOOPS_Exchange_2018_SP1_OSX.tar.gz
Operating system: MacOS
Compiler: Xcode 7.3 (LLVM)
MD5 Sum: e395ad0bfea14f24c2e9d7ee6588e897

File name: HOOPS_Exchange_2018_SP1_IOS.tar.gz
Operating system: iOS
Compiler: Xcode 7.3 (LLVM)
MD5 Sum: 9f3a5feb41f5dc8167fae7f6c53e75f4

File name: HOOPS_Exchange_2018_SP1_Android.tar.gz
Operating system: Android
Compiler: NDK 10e - Clang
MD5 Sum: 5732418e7ad706d6fdf1a13cbc4839dc

HOOPS Demonstration Viewer

The HOOPS Demonstration Viewer (HDV) is a sample application which demonstrates HOOPS Exchange, HOOPS Visualize, and HOOPS Publish working together. Through an intuitive interface, the HDV allows you to load, navigate and interrogate CAD models. It also includes export capabilities, such as the ability to export models to 3D PDF. The HDV showcases the high-performance and deep interrogation capabilities available in HOOPS Exchange and is a very useful tool for customers to debug problems outside of their own application.
The application includes a 30 day license – for a perpetual license, please contact Tech Soft 3D support
HOOPS Demonstration Viewer

HOOPS Parasolid Demonstration Viewer

The HOOPS Parasolid Demonstration Viewer (HPDV) is another sample application which highlights the integration of Parasolid with HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Visualize. Users can control the import settings to mimic what they would want in their application. All query of the model in this application is done through the Parasolid API. The HPDV is an excellent tool for evaluating the quality and performance of our Parasolid integration. The HPDV also allows you to export models in XT form so that you can then bring the data into your application for further analysis.
The application includes a 30 day license – for a perpetual license, please contact Tech Soft 3D support
HOOPS Parasolid Demonstration Viewer

HOOPS Exchange Demo

The HOOPS Exchange demo is a Windows application which uses the HOOPS Exchange libraries to import, visualize, interrogate and export CAD files. You can use this demonstration application to test the capabilities of the HOOPS Exchange libraries. The HOOPS Exchange demo can be used for up to 60 days without requiring a license. Please contact your Account Manager to obtain a license key if you need to use the HOOPS Exchange Demo after this 60-day period.

  • Operating system:
    Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

  • MD5 Sum: 6b21e2310d77df37157f3600e636e56d Download

From the Vault

Some of our customers have expressed interest in formats that were previously available in Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9 but are no longer supported in HOOPS Exchange. These formats include HSF, 3D Studio, OneSpace Designer, COLLADA, KMZ, Lattice XVL, CADDS, and Wavefront Object. In an effort to gauge the general interest level in these formats, we are making them available for evaluation.

Help Us Help You

We would like to hear your assessment of the general need for these formats. Feedback could include detailed questions or concerns about the functionality and support for these formats. It could also include suggestions for improvement or additional functionality that you would require as a supported file format. Please be sure to tell us what you think by providing feedback to support@techsoft3d.com. Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback.

Terms and Conditions

These formats are provided as is. You are free to install, evaluate and even ship them in your application if you feel inclined to do so. However, please be aware that Tech Soft 3D makes no commitment to support these formats or to include them in future releases of HOOPS Exchange. These formats are specifically NOT covered by the support and maintenance conditions of your HOOPS Exchange license agreement.

  • MD5 Sum: dcfe2c60eda1b2fa50953f7688a81955 Download