Graphics Devices

HOOPS Visualize provides support for the leading 3D APIs, which consist of OpenGL/OpenGL-ES for Windows/OSX/Linux/Mobile platforms, and both DirectX and OpenGL for Windows platforms.

Recommended Graphics Devices

We recommend developers and end users run Visualize-based applications on GPUs or specific mobile devices that meet the recommendations below. This set of recommendations should be passed on to your end users, and may be updated with each major release.

  • Windows Platforms: DirectX 10.1+ compatible; 1GB or higher
  • Linux/OSX Platforms: OpenGL 3.2+ compatible; 1GB or higher
  • iOS: OpenGL-ES
  • Android*: OpenGL-ES

Device Testing

Visualize is developed and tested on the latest GPU architectures from the leading manufacturers to ensure that the Visualize API interface is functioning properly. Any GPU which implements the graphics architectures listed in the preceding section will theoretically work.

HOOPS Visualize currently includes legacy 3D driver interfaces for OpenGL 1.1 (deprecated, will be removed). However, please note that hardware manufacturers are no longer supporting devices which utilize the older 3D API versions.

Graphics cards may contain defects in their vendor-supplied drivers, firmware, or hardware, and such defects are the responsibility of the graphics card vendor. We attempt to provide workarounds to severe GPU defects, but workarounds are frequently not possible. Therefore, we suggest that you provide end users with a way to select from various driver choices, in order to help them potentially work around any graphics card defects which may be encountered. Please refer to the Visualize Troubleshooting Guide for either 3DF or HPS, which provide guidelines about how to configure your application's driver selection.