HOOPS Visualize HPS 2021 U1 Downloads


Note: A License Key is required to use the API. If you are using an older version of HOOPS Visualize HPS, please access the 'Older Versions' tab on the License Generator page.

File Name: HOOPS_Visualize_2021_U1_Win_v140.zip
MD5 Sum: 013439791cb9389cac055b6d3e8f792f

File Name: HOOPS_Visualize_2021_U1_Win_v141.zip
MD5 Sum: b3cfa6983520ecfaa874b024fae38562
File Name: HOOPS_Visualize_2021_U1_Linux32.zip
MD5 Sum: 85264ab7cb5f660e068029b94bd0422e

File Name: HOOPS_Visualize_2021_U1_Linux64.zip
MD5 Sum: d622fd36d285253967fdf169650b5586
File Name: HOOPS_Visualize_2021_U1_macOS.zip
MD5 Sum: 5ec45f188bea10f8d513ada1a977b273
File Name: HOOPS_Visualize_2021_U1_Android.zip
Operating System: Android
MD5 Sum: 014067de67308e8c3449a38149c1e42b

File Name: HOOPS_Visualize_2021_U1_iOS.zip
Operating System: iOS
MD5 Sum: 271780b1a09dcbe597840608932b21a3

File Name: HOOPS_Visualize_2021_U1_Xamarin.zip
Operating System: Xamarin
MD5 Sum: 95126769eceb91f07e1409eedd231434

HMF-to-HSF Converter

This package contains an optional command-line utility for converting HMF files generated with 3DF to HSF files that can be read by HPS.
Please note, this utility is only available for 64-bit Windows machines and requires the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package.

HOOPS Demo Viewer

The HOOPS Demonstration Viewer (HDV) is a sample application which demonstrates HOOPS Exchange, HOOPS Visualize. and HOOPS Publish working together in the same application.
Through an intuitive and professional interface, HDV allows you to load and deeply interrogate CAD models, then optionally export them to a variety of file formats, including 3D PDF. The HDV is also useful for customers to debug problems outside of their own application.
Please contact Tech Soft 3D support to obtain a license key for HOOPS Demonstration Viewer.
HOOPS Demonstration Viewer