Package Naming Conventions

In 2014, Tech Soft 3D changed how product packages are named. The purpose of this document is to explain the terminology. The general format for package names is:

HOOPS _ <product name> _ <version> _ <version modifier> _ <platform>

The version string includes a numbered suffix when describing a service pack. Examples of the version string:

  • 2015
  • 2015_SP1
  • 2015_SP2

The version modifier is present only if the package is an preview, release candidate, or update release. The modifier is following by a numbered identifier. In this case, the package will bear one of the following:

  • P1 (for preview releases)
  • RC1 (for release candidates)
  • U1 (for updates)

Preview, release candidates, and updates are unscheduled and are only provided on as-needed basis.

IMPORTANT: Preview and Release Candidate packages should not be used in an official release of your product. They are not tested as broadly as Major, Service Pack, or Update releases and are only intended for our customers to validate new features or bug fixes.

Examples of full package names:

Release namePackage nameTop-level folder nameDescription
HOOPS Communicator 2015 Preview 1HOOPS_Communicator_2015_P1_Win.zipHOOPS_Communicator_2015_P1Alpha release
HOOPS Communicator 2015 Release Candidate 1HOOPS_Communicator_2015_RC1_Win.zipHOOPS_Communicator_2015_RC1Beta release
HOOPS Communicator 2015HOOPS_Communicator_2015_Win.zipHOOPS_Communicator_2015Major release
HOOPS Communicator 2015 Service Pack 1HOOPS_Communicator_2015_SP1_Win.zipHOOPS_Communicator_2015_SP1Minor release
HOOPS Communicator 2015 Update 1HOOPS_Communicator_2015_U1_Win.zipHOOPS_Communicator_2015_U1Hot-fix release
HOOPS Communicator 2015 Service Pack 1 Update 1HOOPS_Communicator_2015_SP1_U1_Win.zipHOOPS_Communicator_2015_SP1_U1Hot-fix release for a service pack