Machineworks Polygonica

A key is required to make use of Polygonica. License keys are individually compiled for each customer. Contact Tech Soft 3D to obtain your license key.

  • Microsoft Windows
    MD5 Sum: f088e11f546f8300b5829e4c79193d82 Download
  • pg22_fcs_linux.tar.gz Linux
    MD5 Sum: be50552a5da041edc3d1ea355f83977a Download
  • MacOS
    MD5 Sum: 9a8612bd9039dc2ed91e338869dddbf1 Download
  • Patch 1
    MD5 Sum: e1b624405e51f457c803a830d90dfa65 Download
  • Patch 2
    MD5 Sum: bd98e38d2897b3d9711b8ab9ba0f3701 Download
  • Patch 3
    MD5 Sum: b5d0904e62d2bf22c67ad86583f6389c Download
  • Patch 4
    MD5 Sum: fee3ba314e692dc53687e9abb7bd2dbf Download
  • pg22_p04_linux.tar.gz
    MD5 Sum: ff17e4c5136b41238b9df81d104c299c Download
    MD5 Sum: 7003c689940c0689ca3f9df6f3fa3b10 Download