Autodesk RealDWG

Tech Soft 3D provides licensing for the RealDWG developer toolkit from Autodesk. This toolkit allows you to create applications with full read/write DWG/DXF capabilities. RealDWG contains the same native DWG libraries found in AutoCAD. They are also used internally by Autodesk to provide DWG support in non AutoCAD-based applications such as Autodesk 3DS Max, Revit, and Inventor. Developers can see a demonstration on how to implement RealDWG.

The RealDWG SDK provides a sophisticated way to create and manage DWG data but it is not a viewer. It does not contain support for data visualization nor implement event handling for any user interface. Tech Soft 3D provides direct RealDWG integration that implements high quality visualization and sophisticated event handling including 3D mouse support via HOOPS Visualize. Please contact your Tech Soft 3D representative for more information.