Siemens Parasolid 33.0 Downloads

File Name: documentation_release_33_0_153.tar.gz
MD5 Sum: 62c435d00f5f278ca18c9ba589415dd6
File Name: arm_android_release_33_0_153.tar.gz
Operating System: Android
Architecture: ARM
MD5 Sum: 44bc7d8254780c3a9f8bda09ef316c1b
File Name: arm_ios_release_33_0_153.tar.gz
Operating System: iOS
Architecture: ARM
MD5 Sum: 35d86b2e357bff9635ad4b946d7e025f
File Name: intel_ios_release_33_0_153.tar.gz
Operating System: iOS
MD5 Sum: a2b4a7099fb95d6827a5089991b14064
File Name: intel_linux_release_33_0_153.tar.gz
Operating System: Linux
Architecture: x86_64
MD5 Sum: 3153b7fb25e5900ffb47cdd6a6046c19
File Name: intel_macos_release_33_0_153.tar.gz
Operating System: macOS
Architecture: x86_64
MD5 Sum: 9b025383a0f8233da9752f64ee5d10eb
File Name: intel_nt_release_33_0_153.tar.gz
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
MD5 Sum: e1646ef49f0594ac3dc85247e5c28766
File Name: intel_nt_vc16_release_33_0_153.tar.gz
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
MD5 Sum: b76f5107b6e171625f58ceecdc5edcc2
File Name: x64_win_release_33_0_153.tar.gz
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
MD5 Sum: 555cc75462d782a997bbd0e9200cd0ba
File Name: x64_win_vc16_release_33_0_153.tar.gz
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
MD5 Sum: 52fdc32c5e891a4af590e06110e1aa65
This is the installer for Parasolid, containing the Parasolid Jumpstart Kit (which includes code examples, example applications and documentation) as well as the Parasolid libraries. If you are using Parasolid for the first time then you should download this Resource Version. This Resource Version includes directories containing documentation and examples for easy copying on Unix-like platforms, as well as the (Windows-only) Parasolid Installer and all other materials from the shipped Parasolid release.
File Name:
MD5 Sum: d3c5b3aeb0531b15b866184671749ac0
File Name:
MD5 Sum: 69c94c2e9c9c73db3a5dcde7c600f8ca
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MD5 Sum: 289586d72662533ab96adff389d53b90
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MD5 Sum: f7f7aef7fd8feb97b2c79624514c52fc
HOOPS Parasolid Demonstration Viewer

The HOOPS Parasolid Demonstration Viewer (HPDV) is another sample application which highlights the integration of Parasolid with HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Visualize. Users can control the import settings to mimic what they would want in their application. All query of the model in this application is done through the Parasolid API. The HPDV is an excellent tool for evaluating the quality and performance of our Parasolid integration. The HPDV also allows you to export models in XT form so that you can then bring the data into your application for further analysis.

The application includes a 30 day license – for a perpetual license please contact Tech Soft 3D support.